Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Took these images whilst doing bird surveys. More than happy they are in focus! Chuffed to see about 160 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and get fairly close to them. And a Great Egret coming into breeding plumage was a bonus.

Magic. f5.6 and be there.

Australian Pipit Anthus australis

Great Egret Area alba

Note the black bill, the "young" breeding plumes hanging down at the back, the base of the bill going pea-green and. I think, the tops of the legs turning red.

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Calidris acumulata

A non-breeding plumage adult.

Whistling Kite Haliastur sphenurus

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Suggan Buggan _ Diamond Firetail

Every time I have stopped at the Buchan River in Suggan Buggan over the last decade, I have seen Diamond Firetails. They are just a great little bird. Here are some images from the BLEG (Birdlife East Gippsland) visit last week.

Diamond Firetail Stagonopleura guttata